The Benefits of Ongoing Collaboration With Your Attorney

If you run a moderately successful healthcare practice, you might ask: "Why do I need a lawyer? I'm not in trouble."

That's like asking why you should take your car in for regular maintenance and tune-ups. You could wait until the vehicle breaks down. But by then, your options are limited and you will probably spend a lot more on the repair than you would have spent preventing the problem.

How We Can Help

At Ideal Business Partners, we believe in the value of ongoing collaboration with our clients. Rather than just solving legal problems, we want to help you prevent problems, increase efficiency and take advantage of profitable opportunities.

Here are some of the benefits of ongoing collaboration with your attorney:

It Saves You Time and Energy: Once we get to know you and your business, we are able to respond quickly if and when a problem arises. There is no need to hold a lengthy consult each time something comes up, because we already understand the context.

There Is Less Clerical Work to Do: We can keep important company information and paperwork on file in our office. That's less time that you or an employee needs to spend tracking down documents and sending them to us.

Increased Opportunities and Readiness to Act: As a firm that focuses on the business of healthcare, we talk to a lot of companies and professionals. This allows us to see areas of opportunity for our clients, propose them to clients and act quickly once we get the go-ahead. If you come up with ideas, you can also run them by us immediately, trusting that we will understand the details.

Avoiding Problems and Adapting to Changes: Laws, regulations and compliance requirements change all the time. As lawyers focused on the business of healthcare, we constantly work to educate ourselves and track these changes before they are ever enacted. If we know that a regulatory change could affect your practice, we can reach out with the solution or a preventive measure.

Coaching and Positive Accountability: Even with the best intentions and a good plan, life often gets in the way. You get busy and you find yourself catching up on daily tasks rather than working to grow your business. When you hire our firm, you won't have just a compliance attorney giving advice. You'll have a business coach.

No one is going to hold you accountable to your long-term plan better than we are. We will provide encouragement (and a push, when needed) to help you fulfill your goals.

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