The Big Picture, the Details and Everything In-Between

When you own a business, it is easy to get bogged down with day-to-day concerns. You spend so much time and energy focused on the thousands of small decisions that need to be made that you forget to plan for long-term growth. This not only leads to fatigue and burnout, but it can also limit your profitability and tie you permanently to a business that you may someday want to retire from.

So what's the solution? Business planning is not about seeing just the big picture or just the small picture. Rather, it is about seeing the whole picture. At Ideal Business Partners, we want to help you plan your long-term strategy, understand the short-term steps required to get there and keep you motivated whenever you lose sight of the path.

Knowing Where You Want to Go

Our first job is to define what your long-term goals are for yourself and your practice. Do you want to work fewer hours/days each week? Do you want to sell the business? Do you want to retire and turn the practice over to someone else?

Whatever your long-term goals may be, the first step to achieving them is to define them clearly. Then, we will collaborate with you to find a way to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Getting From Here to There

After defining the big picture, it is time to fill in the details. There is often a sequence of major steps that must take place to achieve your objective. We will help you map out those steps and break things down into manageable tasks.

Of course, the road to your goal may be bumpy and full of curves. That's OK, as long as you have a method of course correction. Strategy is needed to get through these in-between moments where the path seems uncertain. It is in these difficult times that the help of good healthcare professionals is most needed.

As we mention elsewhere, there are many benefits to ongoing collaboration with your professional team, including coaching. As your long-term business partners and collaborators, we will keep you on track and help you redefine strategy as often as needed to reach your goals.

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