Should You Hire Someone to Manage Your Business's Finances?

As the owner of your own healthcare practice, you may be wearing many hats. Often, small-business owners end up taking on too many differing jobs within the company because they think it doesn't make financial sense to hire more personnel.

But contrary to popular belief, cutting costs is not the only way to be an effective financial manager. It's just one tool, and often a counterproductive one.

Splitting Up the Work of Corporate Finance

Tending to your business's finances is important work, but it may not be the best use of your time and energy — especially if it is not a skill set that comes easily to you. Therefore, hiring at least one financial professional might make good business sense. In some cases, you could have two or three.

The three major financial needs businesses tend to have are a chief financial officer, a bookkeeper and an accountant. At many companies, one person does all three jobs. But these are technically separate roles. Those who serve in them can also advise the business owner on how to make the best financial decisions.

Should You Hire an Experienced Healthcare Finance Professional?

A common piece of advice in business is to do the things you're good at and outsource the rest. When you work with Ideal Business Partners, outsourcing is easy.

You can hire our firm to serve as CFO of your company, leaving you free to focus on healthcare. When serving as CFO, we manage the financial aspects of the business, typically by using the talents of good employees already in place or by hiring or contracting additional people as needed. In either case, we take care of everything and serve as your sole point of contact.

Our business finance work isn't limited to managing funds. We also offer smart, targeted advice meant to help your business save money and increase revenue.

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