Principles of Our Practice: Trusted Finance

Any compliance lawyer can tell you if a proposed plan or strategy works from a legal perspective. This is important information, to be sure. But it's not enough.

Every business decision you make will have financial components as well as legal ones. Considering these issues separately is usually impractical. That's why our firm includes a built-in finance department. When a new idea is presented or an issue arises, we run the numbers to determine what effect it will likely have on the overall financial health of the business.

When seeking to innovate or solve problems, there will be no lag time or miscommunication between professionals advising on legal compliance and those advising on finance. At Ideal Business Partners, everyone is on the same team.

Our Finance Services

Here is a snapshot of just some of the services our firm offers regularly, or has offered upon request:

  • Conducting feasibility studies: When you have an idea, we can run the numbers to determine projected financial results, break-even points and other important data such as sensitivity analysis.
  • Business modeling and problem prevention: You can see how your idea would likely play out. This allows us to make changes and improvements before allocating any other resources for the project.
  • Detailed accounting work: We can dig into the details of your business or your proposed business and help you understand if your financial picture is accurate and realistic.
  • Serving on the executive team: Firm co-founder and CPA David J. Housey sometimes takes on leadership roles within our clients' companies, usually serving as the chief financial officer.
  • Seeing the bigger picture: When discussing an innovative idea or proposed solution, we think beyond the expected outcomes to understand the full ramifications of those outcomes. We take planning ahead to the next level.
  • Benchmarking against your goals: We conduct regular financial reviews to make sure that we are tracking progress at or above expectations.

Want to know more? Read about ways you can reduce operational costs and overhead. Are you unsure about whether to hire a business finance professional? We can help.

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