Doing Well By Doing Good

Case Study 3

A pain management physician came to IBP requesting a way to increase revenues for his physician-owned urine drug testing laboratory.

IBP helped the physician to identify and characterize the current regulatory environment in order to transform lab testing from an ancillary service to a necessity. By developing a program which helps physicians ensure their own long-term compliance and success, as well as being able to invest in and profit from that effort, IBP provided a way for participating physicians to do well by doing good, for their practices and their patients.

IBP concurrently developed a proprietary structure by which the lab could source strategic investment on the part of physicians and other investors, including those who could contribute samples to the lab-the Contributing Partnership Program.

IBP developed this program from scratch including:
  • Comprehensive compliance review, sourcing and management of third-party legal opinion
  • Development of compliant marketing materials for solicitation of strategic investment
  • Implementation and licensure of complex legal structures
  • Drafting of internal structuring documents, as well as external marketing and subscription documents
  • Strategic and management consulting with the owning physician.

IBP's program has the potential to add great value to a physician's bottom line, at minimal risk and expense. This solution is nationally scalable, and it informs a client's entire investment and management strategy.